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Venture into the Death Dungeon and meet all sorts of creatures that all wants you dead!

As you venture into the dark dungeons you meet all sorts of creatures. All with the same goal: to kill you! After completing a number of waves of enemies you advance to the next dungeon or bossfight. Between each dungeon you get a chance to upgrade your character and get a new gun.


  • LMB to shoot
  • RMB or R to reload
  • WASD to move
  • SHIFT to view statistics

This game contains:

  • 10 Different Enemies
  • 4 Different Bosses
  • 14 Different Dungeons
  • 5 Different  Character
  • 8 Achievements
  • 3 Difficulties

This game was made in 80 hours over 2 months in Game Maker.
I hope you'll all enjoy playing it as much as i enjoyed making it.

More information

Published 10 days ago
TagsBoss battle, Difficult, Dungeon Crawler, Perma Death, Shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

ZIP: You download it and run the game. It's pretty straightforward.

NSIS Installer: It's the same as the ZIP except you gotta install it. Should also be pretty straightforward.


DeathDungeon- (23 MB)
DeathDungeon- (23 MB)

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